Monday, October 24, 2011

About this weekend...

Goooood morning :) I haven't blogged this weekend... Mads and I (ok fine, Mads did it) have been busy building a cricket farm (eewwww!!! saving money for lizard food though - especially since we want to have more than one lizard) and visiting this tiiiny town where his family has their summer house! We took pictures there by the lake:
 You can't tell because of my bangs, but I'm giving him the bitch-look (while trying not to laugh). and then we looked silly together:
 We also went to the beach where we decided to take a "normal" picture:
Muuuch love 

It was extremely windy - thank god I was wearing a knitted scarf! The best part of the beach was... you could see my beloved Sweden!! Unfortunately you can't see it in the photo because of the light, but it was a good sight. ;)

Today when Mads gets off work we're going to this huge store to buy material to build our own terrarium! Hopefully it's not as hard as it sounds, lol. I'm sure it'll be fine!!

Aaaahhh this weekend is our Halloween party! It's so soon! and a few days after that we're going to Sweden! Yay! I get to meet my friends and family :D I miss them a lot. Since my brother recently turned 18, we're taking him out to a night club! haha I'm afraid to leave my brother alone with my boyfriend - he's Danish!!, so I'll keep an eye on them. Will be fun though :)

Have a super awesome day, everybody!


Mika said...

You look so cute together in that "normal" pic (:
And have fun at the Halloween party!

Lila said...

I think you look better in bangs ;)

Tirin said...

Mika: Haha yay thanks x)

Lila: I agree! It suits better for the shape of my head, lol :P

나니 said...

Haha you're such cuties! >: D

Banny said...

You two are so cute!

Jessica said...

You two are so cute together. I was wondering, how is your skiin so perfect?

Tirin said...

Jessica: Thank you :) Well my skin isn't really perfect, but I've never had any big problems with it. To keep it smooth and clean I use a good makeup-removal from Clinique (it's awesome and leaves NO makeup on unlike some other makeup-removals), and then apply a milk-based lotion from Decléor afterwards. That's about it :) You also need to eat good in order to have smooth skin.

M.May said...

You're like a barbie!! Love your hair!! I really wanna have hair like you but I don't know if my hair can handle the bleach.

Love love love your hair!