Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome to my new home!

So I finally took pictures of Mads' apartment, to show you where I now live :) Are you ready for a lot of pictures??? You better be!

The worst part of the whole apartment! Can you imagine me with my insect phobia having to be around this? LOL

Ignore the dishes in the sink... ;P

I showed you the pink trashcan as well, the best detail of this room! haha

and this wall is a closet!
and of course there's a mirror on the wall.

The pink detail of the room (although Mads did mention buying pink cushions for the couch *hint hint*...)

Well half of it anyway.


Flower Duchess said...

I love it, especially the kitchen. Oh.. but please throw away these spiders ;(

Nora. said...

How cute!

Anonymous said...

Aweeesome O__O <3
But I'd never pass the insects-wall...
I guess my heart would jump out of my body if I had to touch this :D

Banny said...

The apartment is really nice and i like how the furniture is black and white xD
And ugh the spiders I get so afraid when one is near me D:

BeXie said...

WOW! His apartment is so big, light and airy~ I'm so jealous lol, my boyfriend's apartment is a lot smaller and a lot darker :/

I agree with the spiders, yuck yuck! Don't worry though, it'll be more of a girls apartment when you get properly settled in - that's what happened to my bf's place this summer haha :) Hope you're doing well! xx

Kiwi☆ said...

Awesome apartment! Wish all the best for u as a couple! It's little bit serious now, congratz! I'm jealous for super pretty kitchen~

Jane Papillon † said...

Lovely apartment! I love that the apartment looks so clean and lighty, but nevertheless not too clean and steril. Cute! Good luck :)