Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rilakkuma on picnic :)

Got inspired by Line at to make Korean "pancakes" (although I would call them the Korean version of cinnamon rolls), and damn they're delicious!! Ok, ok, they don't look as good as they're supposed to I'm assuming - it's extremely difficult to do everything on your own, especially when the dough is so sticky. :( I suck at multi-tasking in the kitchen, lol! But they taste soooo good! Another time, I'll try filling them with custard and raspberries, yum! 

Get the recipe at Line's blog, here


La fleur du mal said...

aww cute Rilakkuma :3

나니 said...

OMG YOU'RE SO SO SO CUTE <3333 *hugs tight* Seriously.. I can't believe you made them :"D /tear

Tirin said...

Haha they were really good!!! Thanks for the recipe! x33

Banny said...

They look yummy ;3
Rilakkuma so cute <3!