Friday, September 9, 2011

Positive gyaru secrets

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately (super sick this week - went to the doctor and got antibiotics, which I don't even know is working, because my immune system sucks anyways). SAD FACE on that :(

Anyhow, quite long ago I stopped reading Gal secrets - I can't imagine what losers post hateful secrets there, pathetic, because I thought it was just immature, unnecessary bashing on random girls. Now I've started reading Gyaru Valentine instead! :) It's basically the same concept (gyaru related secrets), but everything's positive! I love it! Instead of trying to write nice secrets on G_S, go to Gyaru Valentines and post there! 

Let's kill G_S! lol Okay, I know G_S will never die because there will always be tragic people with the need of being mean to others, sadly enough :/ but if every empathic gal out there stopped visiting that community, it wouldn't be any fun for the haters. They feed on good people's misery.

Seriously, I visited it today for a few seconds to see if it had gotten any better, and there was this one post about a girl and her "fake eyebrows" and it said something like "your eyebrows make you look ugly and fat"... WTF? How can eyebrows make you look fat??? It's so stupid I don't know how to react, but this really needs to stop.

Let's fight the envy/hate/whatever it is! Let's fight G_S! Let's spread happiness and love ~

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Airi said...

agree with you wholeheartedly!