Saturday, September 24, 2011

Parken Zoo

I went to the zoo today with my family! I took a lot of pictures, but I'll only show you some of them (would be too many otherwise). The park is in a city nearby, and I loved how colorful it was!

The adventure started with kangaroos!

My sister and I also wanted to be kangaroos. What do you think? :D

Brother, me, sister, posing in front of the monkeys.

Posing with the pretty pink (and white) flamingos.

There were baby lions! Soooo adorable! I wanted one! xD


 Outside the park there are these statues of famous Swedes, which we of course had to pose with.
(Why is my sister killing the statue-baby? lol)

It was a fun day! but I'm extremely tired now... Talked to Lina about doing something this evening, but we will see... Now I'm going to have dinner. Have a nice evening, everybody! :)

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나니 said...

Aw you and your sister are so cute! : D