Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kulturnatten 2011

Yay! So yesterday was kulturnatten, the cultural event happening once a year here in Västerås (and in some other "big" cities in Sweden as well). I was there with my darling Lina, whom I haven't met in a month or something!! :O  but I'm not sure if she wants me to upload a picture of us, so I'll just show you a picture of myself, lol:

We went to a park to watch a live band. No idea what they're called, but they were ok...
They played rock music, but the singer wasn't too great, haha. We left while they were playing the second song. You can't tell by the pictures, but there were A LOT of people out! Awesome! :D

After watching a bit of the concert we walked around to see more, but after a while, my little brother called and said he didn't feel too well. We met up with him and danced and sang for him, while he was resting on a bench. I'm not sure he appreciated our performance, LOL, but it was fun! And apparantly it made him feel better because he called his friends and went to meet up with them again. That didn't stop Lina and me from continuing singing though! We walked around the centre singing old classics (note: I hate singing in front of people - but this was fun)! 

Brother and I:
I look very pale, but I blame the flash x)

Oh and there was a big finish around midnight - fireworks!

When I got home, I was sooo cold! I was gonna wash my hands (because you should always do that when you've been out), but I couldn't feel if the water was freezing cold or extremely hot! Felt like both at once. Maybe I should've brought gloves with me - it was only 9 degrees C!

Ooooh and I have a "creepy people"-story! When I was walking down to the centre, I met this 40+ old man who looked at me funny, but I didn't really think about it more. When I passed by him, he stopped and said "hej (hello)", so I stopped as well and said "hej...", because I thought he might want to ask something. BUT he just stood there and stared at me - creepy max! xD

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, and enjoy your Sunday!


나니 said...

OMG xD He's a creepy, that guy! *kicks guy* It's probably cause you're so stunning ; D haha!
Your brother is so cute! Haha! : D I like that he called you to cheer him up..

YamiiFishcakes said...

Can you please stop being so beautiful? xD

Tirin said...

나니: LOL he was probably high or something.. or had some psychological disease! o_O but thank you! ^^

YamiiFishcakes: aww that's sweet xD haha

Valentin12 said...

You can sing for others but not me? :(

Monica Tang said...

I love your blonde look - so... complete. If you know what I mean XD

Like everything is so girly and REALLY Barbie-like!

Never let anyone change you :)