Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gyaru inspiration: Sayoko Ozaki

Sayoko Ozaki is a model for the magazine Happie Nuts. She is freakin' gorgeous (looks extra pretty with dark hair)! I could look at her pictures for hours, lol! At first I didn't find her pretty at all, but when I searched for her pics, that quickly changed. Here's a small picture spam:

Also, for some reason, she loves making weird faces. Like this:

Here is her blog.


Momickey said...

she's amazing! ♥

나니 said...


Miss.XoXo said...

she is very pretty!
I'm not a big fan of her funny faces though. lol

Amanda Heinz said...

I love Sayoko! She is amazingly beautiful! Awesome blog btw! <3

~Amanda Heinz

Anonymous said...

Bears a strong resemblance to a clown.