Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Early Halloween plans

Gooooood evening! :) Right now I'm watching Family guy, and thinking that I need to buy a new red lipstick and red nail polish! Why? Well for my Halloween costume! lol Mads and I are throwing a party (for his friends that I don't know), and since I love dressing up it'll be awesome :D

Random old picture

I'm going to be a cop for Halloween, and of course Mads has to match me so he'll be a criminal! haha Ooops, did I spoil it? Should've been a secret, but whatever. :P Everyone reading this will probably either not care or forget it before it's Halloween! So it's all good!

Last year I went as Little red riding hood, although it wasn't a real Halloween party... But I've always wanted a Halloween party where everyone wears a costume, so this year will hopefully be the year!

I want some Swedish friends to come, but they're probably too boring... sadly enough. That's something I dislike about Swedes in general - they're not very spontaneous. 

Ok, enough Halloween talk - it's not even October! This evening I'm going to watch a documentary about the worst plastic surgeries ever! Will be interesting, I love documentaries! hehehe

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