Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dear my love...

My boyfriend felt like taking some not so serious ego pics, and said he took inspiration from my ego pics (which you totally can't tell by looking at them, I mean he's obviously an amateur :P). Nice try though:

Also, I'm probably supposed to write something sweet to him because he'll be reading this tomorrow morning before leaving for work. So I'll start by saying that I miss you, Mads! Like really, it's been a few days and I think it really sucks being apart. I don't understand how some people do the whole long distance relationship thing. It sucks! :(

Anyhow, I miss waking up to you, and how you always make me laugh - silly max!! I think I knew from the first time we met that you were someone I felt safe with, and I didn't feel bored with you at any point, which is super rare! So right now I just want it to be October already so I can go back to Denmark and be with you again! We're probably each other's opposites, but as they say; opposites attract. You are awesome. Jag älskar dig ♥  and the apartment still needs more pink.


나니 said...

Aw you're so cute : D Your bf is quite handsome, btw!

Valentin12 said...

First things first! I totally succeeded in copying your ego pics! xD

And I miss you too baby! I agree, long distance relationships are not made for the two of us... But we'll make it :)

The bed is empty with out you, and I don't try to make you laugh, I'm just good at hurting myself :( :p Awwww, ofcourse you feel safe, I'm actionman =D Yeah, October can only come too slow! :( Haha we are DEFINITELY each other's opposites! But yes, opposites do attact, obviously :) You are equally as awseome as me! Never more, just equally xD Jag älskar också dig min skatt <3 (No! No more pink! :o )