Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cheering myself up

Hi everybody! So I went to the rheumatologist, and after a long examination, he said he couldn't diagnose me because I'm not in pain right now. My mom was really happy I didn't get diagnosed, but I, on the other hand, know there's something wrong! So not knowing what it is just sucks. The doctor said I should come back if it gets really bad again (so typical doctors - wait until it's acute/you're dying [I'm exaggerating]). We will see...

Found this on we♥it, and it's hilarious! xD Hope no one is offended by the n-word, but Harry's face in this makes me laugh every time! LOL. (and no, I'm not a Harry Potter fan). I just love Snape pictures! Here's one more:


Okay... Have a nice day :)


Nikkay said...

Hope your feeling better soon honey!

나니 said...

Feel better soon, love! AND OMG I LOVE HARRY POTTER CAPTURES! >: D Tumblr is the BEST PLACE ON EARTH for that <333 /hugs tumblr