Friday, September 16, 2011

Adventures at the mall

Went to the mall today with Tove. She bought boots and stuff, but I didn't buy anything, mostly because I still need to save money, and because I didn't find anything to fall in love with. :/

Today I wasn't wearing falsies - omg! I've decided not to wear them as often (even though I still adore false lashes), because it's not good for your eyelids; the skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive, and because my family hates it, lol. I need to get used to not wearing them for my everyday makeup, sadly enough. I still love gyaru fashion and will wear falsies at times :)

Attack of the blondes!!

 It was such a sunny day today - loved it! I miss summer though, aww... :/ Today I was wearing boots because I don't really have any shoes here in Västerås (almost all my shoes are in Denmark).

Tomorrow it's Kulturnatten here in Västerås. It's basically an event about culture, art, movies, music, etc. I'll probably go and hopefully take some pics! Should be fun! ^^

Also, I changed the layout a bit on the blog, because I wanted the blogging space to be bigger! Need more space for big pictures and stuff, hahaha. Looks a bit empty though... Oh well!

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나니 said...

You are super super gorgeous!
You could still wear falsies every day, just make sure to use a super moisturizing and nourishing eye cream at night : D