Monday, August 1, 2011

Shopping with L!

Here's today's buy:
 Of course I had to "model" it as well:
Sweater: Gina Tricot
Necklace: Glitter
Shoes: Senso Diffusion

Today it was super hot (seriously, I died a bit when I tried my sweater on at home), so I dressed up in a cute blue dress and went to the mall to meet Lina earlier! Nice to see her for some girl talk, and random talk, lol. There was an alcoholic woman who took a feather from the ground and used it as an earring! Gross! o_O hahaha

I couldn't resist the new autumn clothes in the shops, and since I do need a sweater for when it gets colder, I bought one in brown! Thought about a gray one, but I look better in brown than that shade of gray. >_< I did find a super cute jacket from New Yorker in gray though! We'll see if I'll buy it... I have to save money because I'll be moving in about 3 weeks! But my 20th bday is also coming up, hehehe... :>


나니 said...

Don't mind the haters, hun. If you got haters - you're doing something right ; D

And I love the sweater! It looks so cozy : D

Tirin said...

I suppose you're right! well won't care about them anymore! :P

thanks, yeah it is! :D