Thursday, August 18, 2011


Better do some camwhoring while I'm not feeling so sick (although I still have a fever, but I've gotten used to it since it hasn't disappeared for over a week)! Oh yes, I'm not very tanned. I have to protect myself from sunlight (reason why I'm wearing jeans most days), so we had to have our picnic in the shade yesterday. Also, I have to stop straightening my hair, because it damages it too much, and I already lose more hair than others because of this disease I have. x_x Ok, now I sound too bitter xD

But I have the right to be. Bitter, that is. I've never complained about Swedish healthcare before, but they're sooo slow!! I have a chronic disease, but I don't know which one yet.. and my symptoms are getting worse, but I'm not getting any medicine or treatment! I try to call them to hurry and book me a time at the rheumatologist to find out what I have (seriously, not knowing is probably the worst part), but they keep on directing me to different doctors, who don't do anything about it! It's so frustrating!! And the worst part is that I can't move until they find out what's wrong with me and give me medicine! I hate this.


rusty said...

Yeah, swedish medical care is slow that way. :/ It's good that you're trying to fasten the process though, because they sure won't follow up unless you're on their tail. I have quite a few of these cases happening to people dear to me (including myself), waiting for the doctor to call with the results or just to book a new appointment, and they never do... So just try to stay positive and chase them down! You have a right to get your treatment asap. :(

나니 said...

UGHHHH T_T them stupid-ass doctors! Trust me, Danish doctors are NOT better at all. You're gonna HATE the medical system here. Seriously!

I hope you get to find out what's wrong soon! You look gorgeous in the photos regardless! :'D

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe you're so sick because you look amazing.
Hope they find out what's wrong with you asap.

Sanna said...

Tirin :( I hope you'll get better!!

Tirin said...

Thank you, girls! I'll be fine.. I'm just a bit frustrated, but things will get better, I'm sure :)

zelbess said...

Oh, I totally understand your pain! :( I have lupus, and it was the same for me until I finally got diagnosed! I hope you get well (and diagnosed!) soon!!!