Monday, August 22, 2011

My presents

Here is what I got from my siblings yesterday; sweats and a really pretty red dress (plus a pink nailpolish)!  Love it! I bought the same dress in black yesterday, and I'll wear it tomorrow! 

My aunt came over earlier and gave me some money, which I really need! She started crying a bit, haha aww... It does feel weird leaving everyone in Sweden! But I'll come visit as often as I can!

There, this will be my last blog post from Sweden (for now)! Take care, everyone!


나니 said...

SO EXCITING! : D Nice items! And good luck on the travel there! Stay safe on the way (your family too!)..

And why am I the only one ALWAYS commenting on your posts? -__-" I feel like a stalker or something..


Tirin said...

haha i like your comments xD seems like people don't wanna write comments when i write about boring stuff like this ;D

Banny said...

That dress is so cute!
Have fun traveling <3

Martina D. said...

:) wish you all the best on your new life ;) I experienced moving when I was 19 ( am now 22 yo) and I moved to Scotland. Next year I'm moving to may be tough at first, but it's nothing impossible as some ( well.. many!) people want you to believe. :) Keep us up to date!!!

♥Princessworld88♥ said...

your dress so beautiful