Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More bday presents ♥

Yesterday was my bday (yay) and Mads got me presents, which I of course have to show you! I also got to choose what we'd have for dinner, and I decided we should make panpizza! And so we did and it turned out great! So anyway, now for the presents:

I got this super cute necklace with a pink stone :
aand I finally got a trashcan for the bathroom, lol. I had been nagging about how much we needed one for the bathroom (annoying having to go to the kitchen when applying makeup and stuff, to throw things away), and now here it is - in pink!
I also got cake, because I didn't get cake when we celebrated me at home (my other home, in Sweden) :) Okay, maybe I should've taken a picture of it before we ate from it! It still looks yummy though :3

Tack så mycket, söthjärtat mitt 

Now, since we (Mads and I) never took any ego pics together yesterday, I'll do my makeup so we can do it today, mwahah! Oh and I still have to show you what an amazing job we (he) did with the closets in the basement room! That'll have to wait though.

Have a great day :)

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