Thursday, August 4, 2011

Made cupcakes today! ... and other randomness

Still frame from a video I made a while ago (but never uploaded).
You know, just to have a picture in this blog post, lol!

Today I watched maybe 8 episodes of Prison Break (season 2), haha. Gotta love that show :) I also made cupcakes with my sister! Some vanilla with raspberry frosting, and some chocolate with chocolate frosting. They're really good! - as expected, hehehe

I was on the phone a while ago with a woman from the British Dragonfly TV, about one of their new shows! Wouldn't it be super cool if I would be on the show? Imagine me on British TV - awesomeness! xD

This Saturday I'm going to a city about an hour away to a Kräftskiva (where you eat crayfish, drink, hangout, etc.). It's a Swedish tradition, and we go to that place every year, so it'll be fun. We also have competitions and the winning team get 2 tickets to the movies each! Hope my team will win! Hell yeah!

I also listened to Disney songs yesterday, you know, from the old classics... and I can't help but to think that the Swedish versions are waaaay better than the original! I usually hate dubbed movies, but not those. I also found out that in the American versions, they have one voice doing the talking and another who does the singing! What's up with that? lol


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