Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kräftskiva 2011

I went to a "kräftskiva" yesterday, which is a Swedish tradition where friends and family meet to hangout, eat crayfish and drink! It's a pretty nice celebration, even though I hate seafood, lol. We also have these fun competitions, this year both individual and in teams. My team ended up on 3rd place (out of seven teams), so we didn't win anything :/ Oh well... next year! Here are some pictures:

Competitions! The host (woman in blue/white T-shirt) won all competitions since it was her bday celebration too, haha
 Cousin William and brother Eric
 Little brother and I

Oh yeah by the way, everyone's wearing one of those weird hats with crayfish painted on them, when eating and singing drinking songs. It's damn ugly, but part of the whole tradition. :P
 Food (although I don't eat seafood)!

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