Monday, August 29, 2011

Home alone

Hello! :) Hope everyone's doing great today! I'm home alone since Mads is working, but it's ok, I like some alone time sometimes (although of course I would prefer him being here with me). So during my alone time, I took some ego pics - oh yes, finally!:

At first I was like:
but then I o_O-ed

I "accidently" straightened my hair today, even though I said I would stop doing that. It's only because I got such tangled hair, I figured it would be easier to brush if it was straight. :)

I will show you the apartment as soon as we tidy up a bit more (still haven't put away some of my stuff)! I still think it looks very bachelor-ish, but I have added some pink details ~♥  and there's of course more to come! mwahahah

What else...? Well we woke up from a thunderstorm the other night, crazy loud! The weather is better now, but still very gray... :( I'm gonna force Mads to go for a walk with me tonight anyway. Now I'm going to get some lunch and watch a movie. Take care, everyone!


Nora. said...

Hi Tirin, it's not a long time I follow your blog but I really like it. I hope you're feeling better and you're feeling confortable your new home!!

Tirin said...

Thank you :)

나니 said...

Omg don't even get me started on the weather! T__T It's CRAZY atm. It's pmsing like I don't even know.. *hides under blanket*

You look absolutely stunning btw! I love your hair color so so so much : D