Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy 20th bday to me!

Hej hej! Sitting here waiting for Mads to get home (so I can get my bday present, mwahaha)! I have such bad luck on my birthdays. Might be too much information: Like this morning when I was gonna get dressed, I bumped my foot on the door sill and half my nail came off and it started bleeding! It hurt soooo bad! But I took it like a real woman.
     Anyway, I didn't let that incident stop me for doing some bday-camwhoring!

and today's makeup

Okay, you can't see the eyeshadows very well, but whatever. It's a very classy look :) and it actually does look a lot better (and a bit more dramatic) in real life.

Hope everyone is enjoying this totally awesome day, and don't be as clumsy as I was this morning! Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!  


Banny said...

Happy Birthday !<3
You look beautiful in red :)

Tirin said...

Thank you! <3 :D

Dudu said...

Happy B`day! Pretty dress!

나니 said...

I posted on your fb already, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 LOVE the lashes you're wearing!

Sanna said...

Tirin <3<3

Nora. said...

happy b-day!

chimpy said...

wow i adore your make up, nice to meet you tirin.
whats eyeshadows brand that you use?
and its late but happy bday!

keep fabulous, xoxo

Kiwi☆ said...

Happy b'day! Red really suits u! Love ur eye make-up! :) U inspire me!

Tirin said...

Thank you, everyone! :D

chimpy: I was using eyeshadows from H&M (cheap, but surprisingly good!) and Clinique.

Anonymous said...

That picture with the red dress looks really pro! You should invest some money in getting a professional photo shoot!