Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gyaru inspiration: Yui Minemura

Yui Minemura (Yuikichi/Yu-yu) was one of my absolute favorite models of Ranzuki :) Now she models for Happie Nuts (seriously, that name...) though, and she looks absolutely great! Her face looks really pretty with both blonde and dark hair.

Oh and when she left Ranzuki(?) she got her teeth fixed! I noticed that just now, hahahaha... but it looks great! Here's now and before:

Check out her blog here


Momentaufnahme said...

what exaclty did she fixed on her teeth? i cant see any differences

Tirin said...

Well click on the picture to make it bigger, then you can see it clearly. Her front teeth looked very different before, a bit crooked and much longer.

Georgie said...

She's so pretty! Its interesting she got her teeth done, I always thought it wasn't such a big deal in Japan to have bad teeth as it was considered cute if they were crooked? But tbh she does look a lot better.