Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gyaru inspiration: Remi Sakamoto

She was a model for Egg but is now in Jelly, which is why I started liking her style (well I mean, rarely read Egg, so I didn't really notice her... )! I think her style has improved a lot since she went over to Jelly probably because I'm more into the Jelly fashion than the whole Egg style, and this hair color suits her much better than blonde! lol

I like that she has a special look; a small bump on her nose, a big forehead, huge alien eyes, etc. Haha that sounds bad, but I think Remi is pretty beautiful :) Her hair and makeup always look great too! You can check out her blog here.


みえーちゃん said...

she is really cute!!!♥
nice inspiration post~

Tommy said...

Thank for this post, I'm a huge fan of Remi Sakamoto <33