Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gyaru inspiration: Nicorun

Hi guys! Sorry I don't blog as much as I usually do... it's not because I'm lazy, but I've just been completely exhaused because of my illness (whatever it may be). I try to rest a lot, but it still won't go away... >_<

I'll try my best to blog though, and now I want to show you one of my biggest gyaru inspirations (and fashion inspirations in general); Nicorun!

She's a Ranzuki model and only 17 (I think) and freakin' gorgeous! Ok, I don't know what she looks like with her natural hair and without circle lenses and eyelid glue and all that, but I love her style! I love that her makeup isn't the typical gyaru look, but more like a smokey eye mixed with gyaru style xD Anyhow, it looks great and I always get inspired when looking through her blog.

Moreover, I told you about my plans to move to Denmark... and I'll be moving within 2 weeks (to be more specific, it'll probably be on the 22:nd)! It's so soon!! Need to celebrate my birthday before then ;D And thanks to everyone who's supporting me! Oh and it'd be cool to meet other bloggers from Denmark! (I need friends there!!! LOL)

Ok then, I'm off to bed! Have a good night :)


Naija Barbie said...

Love, love, LOVE Nicole Abe! I didn't know she was 17 though! She's fab!

나니 said...

OMG YOU'RE COMING TO DENMARK! >: D YAYYYY! -welcomes with open arms at the airport- HAHA. We HAVE to meet up and hang out! I move to Hvidovre (close to Copenhagen) on Saturday morning, so we should definitely hang out! Omg this is so awesome! haha! *runs in circles* (I know.. I'm a bit TOO excited. lol)
Are you gonna go to school here and such? : D What will you be studying?

And guuurl, I'm diggin the last photo on the bottom left. : D it's fab!

stella lee said...

across your blog from blogwalking! ^^

your blog is really cool! and nicorun is really pretty! i love her eyes the most!

cheers from gyaru from indonesia <3

Jeongie said...

Good luck with everything! (^0^) Maybe we can meet up sometime, it'd be awesome haha! <3