Thursday, August 11, 2011

Food ♥

Today's dinner: woked vegetables with chicken, rice and teriyaki sauce :)

Educational Resource: Accredited online schools have classes in cooking and nutrition for learning more about food and nutrition.

I was super tired today, again, but my mom forced me out on a walk. Then I spent most day resting, until I started getting hungry and helped my parents with dinner! It was sooo good! but I had a lot more sauce than the picture shows, lol! Although the sauce is not healthy at all since it contains sugar... Beware of sugar - your body's greatest enemy!

I suppose I need to practice cooking since I will be moving out... and I can't force my poor boyfriend to make dinner everyday when he's working :P (Oh my, this sounds like I'm gonna be a housewife or something, LOL, that's so no what I meant! I'm still a feminist.)

Have a great evening! ~♥


Trish said...

You're so gorgeous Tirin! And you have an amazing figure! Do you workout or eat super healthy to maintain a slim figure? I love your healthy food posts.

Tirin said...

Aww thanks, dear ~♥ I don't really work out much, but I do sit-ups every evening and I've started with a few thigh-exercises recently. And of course I go for long walks as well :) I think that's pretty much all you need to keep a slim figure, as long as you eat healthy!

Trish said...

Thanks so much for getting back Tirin....would you be able to tell me about how much you walk in a day on average (like a half hour? an hour? etc) and maybe do some food posts on healthy food you eat regularly? You're the best Tirin! Thanks in advancexx