Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Early bday celebration ☆

Today I went to the mall to meet Zlata and Lina! We ended up having a picnic in a park :) We also went to our old high school and met a teacher we used to have, talked about our plans for the future, etc. Also, our teacher from our junior high was there (Lina didn't go to that school though)! He barely recognized me, lol.

Oh and I got some lovely early bday presents from the girls:

 Gift certificat to a makeup store called Kicks, and French manicure nail polish from Lina - just what I needed! ^^ 
Super cute bracelet from Zlata! She said the hearts represent her, Lina and Mads, lol! 

Thanks, girls! 

This was the last time I met Z before I move (she will move too). So I won't see her until next year or so... or if I visit her before then (but I'm sure she'll be too busy with school). Oh well, we will keep in touch!

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