Monday, August 1, 2011

Biology/physics class

As for the "Logic?" post that was bashed on over at G_S (which I just laugh at because people have no better things to do than to write secrets about me), I'm not saying you create sounds with your ears, goddamn it, I'm saying the actual SOUND (and with sound I'm talking about a noise) is created in your ears, not the freakin' soundwave, just the actual noise/sound. Soundwaves are not audible before it reaches your ears and are therefore not an actual sound.

Since you didn't know this, I will have a little biology class with you; you have tiny little hairs in your ears (nothing freaky, everyone does) that the soundwaves hit, and when the soundwaves reach those little hairs they (the small hairs) start to vibrate, and signals go to your brain, turning those soundwaves into sounds, aka making you hear things. There is a difference between a sound and a soundwave. A sound is like a noise, a voice, whatever you can think of that is not quiet, while a soundwave is what those things consist of, but it's not audible without those tiny hairs you have in your ears. Thank you very much. :)

Oh and I'm only writing this because calling me stupid is one of the two things that get me really annoyed (the other one is when people discriminate women). How can you not know simple things like this fact? - well I know because watch goddamn documentaries! Maybe you should too. 
     And I apologize to all my wonderful readers for caring about this, but I really won't let anyone call me stupid when I'm right! Plus, everyone likes their drama.


ämil said...

Inte för att vara sån nu Tilde men; ljudvågor är vibrationer i (oftast) luften som når våra öron, där det sitter ett mebran (trumhinnan) (inte hår xD) som börjar vibrera, och de vibrationerna kan sen hjärnan tolka som ljud.
Det är intressanta (men filosofiska) frågeställningar!

Valentin12 said...

You are right that the NOISE we percieve is first created in our ear by the vibrations sent out by the sound waves babe, BUT the DEFINITION of sound - once again - is the actual vibrations between 20 and 20,000 GHZ and not the noice we percieve. So yes, the noice WE hear won't be in the forrest obviously, but the SOUND will... Try to understand my point? I'm not calling you stupid, simply making you even smarter than you are (Which is scary cuz you might get too smart ;D )

Puss puss min liten <3<3 :)

Erica said...

You go girl!
Läste den precis med på G_S..
Vilka nolifers egentligen haha!
kalla dig dum? hhm, vem var det som egentligen bevisade sigsjälv dum?

Tirin said...

ämil: så du menar att experter har fel och att du vet bättre? ;) jag vet att vi har en trumhinna och stuff, obviously, men det är de små håret som uppfattar vibrationer! i know this shit!

MEN MADS! a sound is a sound, not a soundwave, i don't care what it says if you look it up, it's not a sound unless you can hear it! english sucks as a language if this is the case, then it doesn't make any sense! they are different words for a reason >_<

Erica: Haha jaa orka dem x_x

ämil said...

Där ser man, det ingår sinneshår i slutet av processen!
Det är för övrigt en väldigt dum sak att bråka om det där andra, det är inget man kan ha rätt eller fel om, man kan ju säga samma sak om allt. Finns jag om ingen vet att jag finns?

Sane said...

Don't you just love it when people call you stupid in a text that is crammed with spelling mistakes?
I laughed a lot when I read it :D

And I "genuinly" enjoy reading your blog.....

Tirin said...

ämil: haha ja det är sant, det är en sån där filosofisk fråga, fast på denna finns det faktiskt ett svar. för det finns ju inga LJUD om inget är där för att omvandla ljudvågorna till ljud :O

Sane: haha yeah i don't know why those people have a problem with me.. maybe they're jealous of me being blonde AND smart xD LOL

and thank you :P

Anonymous said...

"If men ceased to exist sound would continue to travel and heavy bodies to fall to the earth in exactly the same way, though ex hypothesi there would be no-one to know it"
-A British Philosopher

Tirin said...

of course because there would still be animals to hear it (AND WOMEN, i hate when people refer to humans as "men"). if all living creatures died, there would be no one to hear the sounds, and therefore only soundwaves "to travel".

Caro said...

i love how people directly write secrets instead of using good old google to check if it's even correct or not XD