Monday, August 22, 2011

Almost finished packing now

Hi everybody! I'm feeling a bit better these days, my fever went down and my headaches aren't as bad. My joints still hurt from time to time, but at least I can sleep at night. I'm also still tired, but as always, I force myself to get out of bed and do things, which is very important for my mental health. :3 I appreciate everyone who's trying to support me and keep me staying positive. 

This is what I've packed so far. One of the blue IKEA-bags are filled with shoes only (or well, there's one knitted shirt in there). I still have a few more clothes to pack, and then there's makeup and all that. I'm not sure if Mads knows what he's getting himself into.. xD

I can't believe I'm moving tomorrow! It feels so unreal... I probably won't blog tomorrow, but I'll try to do it as soon as I can once in Denmark. Maybe even make a video blog if I feel like it, haha.

Oh and I'll show you what totally fab things I got from my siblings yesterday for my early bday celebration - as soon as it dries.. :)

Have a great day!

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나니 said...

WUIIII! >: D good luck packing! I'll (hopefully) see you on the other side! And please do share your birthday gifts : D