Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 more weeks in Västerås...

Isn't this the cutest picture ever?
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It feels weird, the fact that I'm moving in 3 weeks. I've wanted to leave this town for years now, I remember talking to Z about it on our evening walks, how we just wanted to get on a train and leave, see where we'd end up. It didn't really matter to us, as long as we didn't have to stay.

Now, 5 (?) years later, it's finally time! I don't know where I'll move yet though.. I'll either start school in a city up north called Sundsvall, which would be awesome because I'd get my new place to decorate, and meet new friends, study something I enjoy... But if I don't move there, I'll move to Denmark, to my boyfriend :3 That'd also be awesome because I want to be with him, be the first person he sees in the mornings... ♥ On the other hand, he won't let me decorate anything pink! How am I supposed to survive without being surrounded by pink? o_O LOL I should at least get my own little pink corner or something...

I don't even know where I want to move, because I want both! And I'm nervous, maybe even scared to find out (which I will on monday/tuesday next week). I know what Mads wants, and what my mom wants, and it's not the same. xD

I'm sure when the day comes it'll be a bit bitter-sweet leaving Västerås. I've loved this city, disliked it, and absolutely hated it, but it's my home, my birthplace, and I have my family (except my sister) and friends here. It'll feel weird leaving them, but I'm ready. I've been waiting for that day for years! And it's finally (soon) time! I only have one problem:

How on earth am I supposed to fit all my shoes in the luggage...?!


나니 said...

Aww poor baby! T_T he won't let you have anything decorated in pink? Well he better learn! : P BRING THAT PINK BLING GIRL! And come to Denmaaaarrkk!

I'll be moving in 10 days.. I spent all last night packing. I only need to pack up my makeup, clothes, skincare stuff, toothbrushes, shampoo and you know.. the stuff you use on a daily. But it's just so weird. So strange that after wanting to move out for 6 years, I'm finally doing it.. O_O

Tirin said...

Haha that's what I say!! every girl needs a bit of pink in her life<3 LOL and i miiiiiiight come to denmark! we will see! :D:D

ooooh, exciting! but yeah it feels so weird to finally leave home... aaah i'm really excited though ^^

Valentin12 said...

Hey! Don't make me sound like a jerk! :( I said that I won't let you cover my entire apartment with pink, but you will be living here as well if you move, so ofcourse you can bring SOME pink :)

And yeah, you know I hope it'll happen <3 :)

Tirin said...

i didn'ttttt, but you did say that yourself! xD och jaaa klart jag ska ha min lilla rosa hörna, blir jättebra!<3 eller ja, om jag flyttar dit vill säga. vi får se :O