Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More bday presents ♥

Yesterday was my bday (yay) and Mads got me presents, which I of course have to show you! I also got to choose what we'd have for dinner, and I decided we should make panpizza! And so we did and it turned out great! So anyway, now for the presents:

I got this super cute necklace with a pink stone :
aand I finally got a trashcan for the bathroom, lol. I had been nagging about how much we needed one for the bathroom (annoying having to go to the kitchen when applying makeup and stuff, to throw things away), and now here it is - in pink!
I also got cake, because I didn't get cake when we celebrated me at home (my other home, in Sweden) :) Okay, maybe I should've taken a picture of it before we ate from it! It still looks yummy though :3

Tack så mycket, söthjärtat mitt 

Now, since we (Mads and I) never took any ego pics together yesterday, I'll do my makeup so we can do it today, mwahah! Oh and I still have to show you what an amazing job we (he) did with the closets in the basement room! That'll have to wait though.

Have a great day :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy 20th bday to me!

Hej hej! Sitting here waiting for Mads to get home (so I can get my bday present, mwahaha)! I have such bad luck on my birthdays. Might be too much information: Like this morning when I was gonna get dressed, I bumped my foot on the door sill and half my nail came off and it started bleeding! It hurt soooo bad! But I took it like a real woman.
     Anyway, I didn't let that incident stop me for doing some bday-camwhoring!

and today's makeup

Okay, you can't see the eyeshadows very well, but whatever. It's a very classy look :) and it actually does look a lot better (and a bit more dramatic) in real life.

Hope everyone is enjoying this totally awesome day, and don't be as clumsy as I was this morning! Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!  

Monday, August 29, 2011

Home alone

Hello! :) Hope everyone's doing great today! I'm home alone since Mads is working, but it's ok, I like some alone time sometimes (although of course I would prefer him being here with me). So during my alone time, I took some ego pics - oh yes, finally!:

At first I was like:
but then I o_O-ed

I "accidently" straightened my hair today, even though I said I would stop doing that. It's only because I got such tangled hair, I figured it would be easier to brush if it was straight. :)

I will show you the apartment as soon as we tidy up a bit more (still haven't put away some of my stuff)! I still think it looks very bachelor-ish, but I have added some pink details ~♥  and there's of course more to come! mwahahah

What else...? Well we woke up from a thunderstorm the other night, crazy loud! The weather is better now, but still very gray... :( I'm gonna force Mads to go for a walk with me tonight anyway. Now I'm going to get some lunch and watch a movie. Take care, everyone!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Update from my new home

Hi my dear readers! 

I'm really sorry for not blogging as much as I should (although I have just moved abroad so I think that's a pretty good reason). We've been pretty busy this week building closets (okay fine, Mads did all the work, I was just his mental support! lol) and today we went to an American football game, although we left early. We watch movies every evening, which also is keeping me from blogging! haha 
     I might update tomorrow with some pictures!

Moreover, I'll be back in Sweden within 2 weeks to see the doctors.

Hope everyone's doing well :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

My presents

Here is what I got from my siblings yesterday; sweats and a really pretty red dress (plus a pink nailpolish)!  Love it! I bought the same dress in black yesterday, and I'll wear it tomorrow! 

My aunt came over earlier and gave me some money, which I really need! She started crying a bit, haha aww... It does feel weird leaving everyone in Sweden! But I'll come visit as often as I can!

There, this will be my last blog post from Sweden (for now)! Take care, everyone!

Almost finished packing now

Hi everybody! I'm feeling a bit better these days, my fever went down and my headaches aren't as bad. My joints still hurt from time to time, but at least I can sleep at night. I'm also still tired, but as always, I force myself to get out of bed and do things, which is very important for my mental health. :3 I appreciate everyone who's trying to support me and keep me staying positive. 

This is what I've packed so far. One of the blue IKEA-bags are filled with shoes only (or well, there's one knitted shirt in there). I still have a few more clothes to pack, and then there's makeup and all that. I'm not sure if Mads knows what he's getting himself into.. xD

I can't believe I'm moving tomorrow! It feels so unreal... I probably won't blog tomorrow, but I'll try to do it as soon as I can once in Denmark. Maybe even make a video blog if I feel like it, haha.

Oh and I'll show you what totally fab things I got from my siblings yesterday for my early bday celebration - as soon as it dries.. :)

Have a great day!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two more days...

Found these pictures in my webcam pictures folder! They're from when I was making a video filled with Swedishness, together with a friend (who doesn't talk to me anymore, basically because I got a boyfriend. The video was never finished). But yeah, wanted them in this post to fill this blog with some final Swedishness before I move! 

They're from before I started losing weight (I've lost about 5-6kg - not because of diets, but because of my disease), and my face looks rounder than it does now... I want it back! lol. Also, I'm wondering whether I should cut my bangs shorter or if I should go for the look in these pics?

and damn, that's a tight top! LOL

Soooo... it's finally decided, the date I'll move; Tuesday 23rd! My dad will actually drive me all the way to Denmark (my sister will come too because she wants to meet Mads)! That way I can bring as much luggage as I want, and Mads won't have to pick me up at the airport. Great, huh? I've packed my shoes now, only some more clothes and makeup left to pack! - and only two more days in Sweden

Tomorrow I'm meeting Lina at the mall. It'll be the last time we meet before the end of October or so! SAD FACE on that! :( I will miss all my friends soo much (and I'll miss my family even more, they've been a great support for me ♥)! And no, still haven't heard from the doctors, so I'll have to go back to Sweden at some point to meet the specialist...

Lina, me, Zlata

Also, I apologize that my blog is only about the move to Denmark and about me complaining about the doctors these days, lol. I promise you that I'll have much more to write about next week! Just be patient! :D

I appreciate all of you who read and follow my blog! I will try to blog at least once before I leave, but in case I won't have time/inspiration or in case I will be too tired - I shall see you in Denmark! ;D

Lots of love

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sprinkle of pinkness

I got pink flowers from my mom today 


Better do some camwhoring while I'm not feeling so sick (although I still have a fever, but I've gotten used to it since it hasn't disappeared for over a week)! Oh yes, I'm not very tanned. I have to protect myself from sunlight (reason why I'm wearing jeans most days), so we had to have our picnic in the shade yesterday. Also, I have to stop straightening my hair, because it damages it too much, and I already lose more hair than others because of this disease I have. x_x Ok, now I sound too bitter xD

But I have the right to be. Bitter, that is. I've never complained about Swedish healthcare before, but they're sooo slow!! I have a chronic disease, but I don't know which one yet.. and my symptoms are getting worse, but I'm not getting any medicine or treatment! I try to call them to hurry and book me a time at the rheumatologist to find out what I have (seriously, not knowing is probably the worst part), but they keep on directing me to different doctors, who don't do anything about it! It's so frustrating!! And the worst part is that I can't move until they find out what's wrong with me and give me medicine! I hate this.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Early bday celebration ☆

Today I went to the mall to meet Zlata and Lina! We ended up having a picnic in a park :) We also went to our old high school and met a teacher we used to have, talked about our plans for the future, etc. Also, our teacher from our junior high was there (Lina didn't go to that school though)! He barely recognized me, lol.

Oh and I got some lovely early bday presents from the girls:

 Gift certificat to a makeup store called Kicks, and French manicure nail polish from Lina - just what I needed! ^^ 
Super cute bracelet from Zlata! She said the hearts represent her, Lina and Mads, lol! 

Thanks, girls! 

This was the last time I met Z before I move (she will move too). So I won't see her until next year or so... or if I visit her before then (but I'm sure she'll be too busy with school). Oh well, we will keep in touch!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good news and bad news

Today I went to the mall with my sister in hopes of buying a new mascara (IsaDora Big Bold), but couldn't find it! So i'll have to look for it tomorrow or Thursday... Seems like it's too popular ._.

Moreover... I have to tell you something personal. I told you before that I went to the doctor because I've been losing weight and having fevers and felt pain in my joints and stuff... So I took 6 or 7 blood tests, and I got to hear the results today. The good news was: I didn't have any inflammation in my body, but like we feared, I've got something called ANA (antinuclear antibody) in my blood, which bascially means that there's something wrong with my immunesystem, making it attack my own cells. This will most likely mean I have a rheumatic disease - I just don't know which one yet. I will visit a specialist soon to find out.

I felt like sharing this with you because I probably will be too tired to blog sometimes, and I hope you will be understanding about this. Don't worry though, I'm sure I will be able to lead a pretty normal life, and I refuse to be a victim of whatever disease I may have. Hopefully it's not so serious :) I promise to let you know what the specialist says, and I will remain positive, no matter what! I'm sure this won't affect the blog too much either way. Take care, everybody, and stay healthy!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gyaru inspiration: Yui Minemura

Yui Minemura (Yuikichi/Yu-yu) was one of my absolute favorite models of Ranzuki :) Now she models for Happie Nuts (seriously, that name...) though, and she looks absolutely great! Her face looks really pretty with both blonde and dark hair.

Oh and when she left Ranzuki(?) she got her teeth fixed! I noticed that just now, hahahaha... but it looks great! Here's now and before:

Check out her blog here

Gyaru inspiration: Remi Sakamoto

She was a model for Egg but is now in Jelly, which is why I started liking her style (well I mean, rarely read Egg, so I didn't really notice her... )! I think her style has improved a lot since she went over to Jelly probably because I'm more into the Jelly fashion than the whole Egg style, and this hair color suits her much better than blonde! lol

I like that she has a special look; a small bump on her nose, a big forehead, huge alien eyes, etc. Haha that sounds bad, but I think Remi is pretty beautiful :) Her hair and makeup always look great too! You can check out her blog here.