Monday, July 11, 2011

Today's shopping

Today I went shopping, but don't worry - I didn't buy any shoes! xD First of all, this is what I looked like today (I look pissed in this pic, hahaha):

And this is what I bought today:

2 pair of shorts - New Yorker, top - Gina Tricot, bronzing powder, hairspray and 2 lipsticks - Åhlens

Here are the liptsticks, one pink and one nude.

Aww there was this super cute old lady when I went to the mall. She was Russian or something (spoke some Slavic language with her husband) and I coud only understand the word "Barbie"... Then she turned around, smiled and said in Swedish "God, you're beautiful!" hahaha I love old people ♥ So much better than having random guys giving you compliments (weird, I know).

Ok, I'm off to Lina's! Have a nice evening everybody :)


Anonymous said...

Love your makeup :)
And the shorts, I totally <3 the flower pattern :D

Your blog is very nice, well written :)


redcolours said...

i love your style! it's so cute! i'm new in this style,like gyarus! like you!

I like soo much read your blog, it's very interesting!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous "anonymous" and I would add, that I love your blog because you don't put so much Japan and Asia overall into here. You blog about everything. Thank you :)

Tirin said...

Aww thanks guys! Makes me happy to hear :) ~♥