Thursday, July 28, 2011

Today's makeup and... other stuff

Today's ego pic:

Good evening people! ;D Tomorrow I'm going to the cinema with my mom (who is paying) and older sister Tove to watch The bridesmaids! Anyone seen it? It's supposed to be really funny so I hope it is :)

The dog's owners were just over to pick him up.. I got 700SEK for looking after him :) Aww I didn't take any pictures with him :( He's a bit camera shy so I suppose that's why... (it's also because I've been too damn lazy to do my makeup most days this week, lol). But not today! Here's today's makeup:

Aaaarrrgghhhh! I have to vacuum clean the whole house later to get rid of all the dog hair x_x Help, please??


BeXie said...

Your eyelashes are amazing! I love your eyeliner on your inner corners, too! I tend to line the inside of my inner corner and work it out from there. Hope you enjoyed the movie! :)

Anonymous said...

Hej~ Can you suggest some good shops in Italy? Clothes etc... I'm going there soon and I though you might know :)

Tirin said...

Bexie: thank you :)

Anon: hmm no, sorry.. i never went shopping when i was there >_<

Anonymous said...

i love your eyelashes!!! very gorgeous!!! followed your blog...hope you'll drop by mine and if you like it...follow back...=)