Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tips for guys: A perfect date = dinner and movies?

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Hello my lovely readers! ~♥ I had the most horrible dream last night about a burglar/serial killer who chopped up his victims and left a stuffed animal to the ones who were next! Haha sounds like a bad horror movie.. It's all Mads' fault because he talked about burglars, and I told him I'd have nightmares :( THANKS, BÄBISNÖRD! You know, it's only OK when you're actually there to hug me after I wake up :(

I feel a little ego today, so here are pictures from the other day:
My makeup looks kinda purple-ish, but it's all brown xD

I decided to stop eating sweets (except ice cream or chocolate every now and then), because it makes me feel all tired and stuff. Plus sugar is really unhealthy, so it's just good not to eat it. :)

Now for the dating tips!

I also decided to make this blog post to help guys create the perfect date (got inspired from reading something)! Because let's face it... a lot of guys are completely clueless (no matter their age) and go for the old cliché dinner and movies. "Whaaaat?" a lot of you may think, "isn't that what girls want?", and I can only speak for myself when I say NO!

Okay, it's probably just me, but I find it pretty awkward going for dinner with someone I barely know. I don't really like eating in front of strangers (I'm talking about the date, not the people around)... Plus when you eat you can't talk as much as if you would just go for something lighter at, for instance, a cafe.  Also, the girl will assume you (the guy) are paying, and will probably not order what she really wants to have. So I would choose a cafe over a restaurant - or better up, why not cook the food together at home? That's a lot more fun than to just sit down and eat.

As for the movies... Why would you think a good date would consist of two hours of silence in a dark room? How are you supposed to get to know each other when you can't talk? Instead of going to the movie theatre, watch a movie at home! That way you can talk and look at each other! Much better, right?
     But beware! Some time ago (obviously before I knew my wonderful boyfriend ♥) I met a guy to watch movies at my place, and he had bought candy and CocaCola Light... Excuse me, are you assuming that just because I'm a girl I don't drink regular coke? That I'm on a diet? What's this supposed to mean? If you're unsure of what she wants, just pick up the phone and ask her! This might not be a big deal, but most girls will react to small things like that.

Other activities?
I read that you should show the girl who you are and choose your favorite activity for the date, for instance bowling, or karaoke. But, in my opinion, the girl should be the one to decide what your first date should be like! She might not be into rockclimbing or whatever you had scheduled, so ask her what she wants. It makes her think that you care about her (which you hopefully do). And for the next date (assuming there will be one), you can show her your hobbies, and let her try new things that you like to do, like motocross or whatever it may be - don't be too extreme though, that'll just scare her off.

Then the big question is; what on earth should I wear?! I read somewhere that you shouldn't wear white sneakers, but I love white sneakers! That's sooo much better than dressing up and looking like a snob. Girls don't want that! We want you to look like you normally do (unless you're a hobo or something), because that means you're comfortable around your date and with yourself. I'm not saying you should forget about your best looking shirt, because we want you to work your ass off for us, but don't overdo it.

That's pretty much it for now! Hope it'll teach you dinner+movies-guys something important!


Kaori Taylor said...

I love this! It's so true, especially about the sneakers. It really puts me off when I guy dresses up all the time.
Shirt, jeans and sneakers/converse (anything not too fancy) is perfect :3!
This has kinda inspired me to do my own dating guide for UK guys ^^

Tirin said...

thanks! haha please do that, we need to spread the word to all clueless guys, to save the poor girls from weird dates! xD

Martina D. said...

This is the best dating guide someone has written so far!I love how you are [b]straightforward[/b] other guides just stay on the soft style and obviously they don't push the right buttons, for boys keep choosing the sad movie night. How sad is that! Thanks for your tips, I'm sending them out to a few guys, haha :)

Anonymous said...

I think this should be called "Perfect date for girls like ME".
Because not every girl is like you, will be scared off of motocross or wants the boy to "work his ass off" for her...
Anyway, I enjoyed reading it and I think I've learned something about you ^__^

Tirin said...

Anon: if you read the whole thing you would know that i only wrote this based on my opinions ("... "isn't that what girls want?", and I can only speak for myself when I say NO!") so there i said it! of course not all girls are alike, that'd be weird! :P

나니 said...

I agree Tirin! I never understood the point of going to the movies for a date, though. You can't talk, you just sit there quietly. Maybe you can sneak in a squeeze of the other's hand, but that's about it. LOL

And omg you look freaking GORGEOUS! It would be so cool to meet up some day! : D I didn't know you planned on moving here! Why is it that you wanna live here? Mads, perhaps? ; D

Nick said...

This is really good, I find that women usually think one thing about what they want, and it actually isn't true (like they just want a nice guy) but you seem to actually know what's going on.

Tirin said...

나니: hahaha i knoooow! it's so dumb! how are you supposed to get to know each other without talking? xD

thank you!<3 yeah well it's not decided yet.. but yeees, he's the reason :)

Nick: of course i know :D but really though, i DO want a nice guy! hahaha