Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer nights

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So Lina and Z came over yesterday to hangout.. Lina got her presents and then we went out to go to a club. My bike was evil and I couldn't use it, so we ended up walking. Felt nice though, the three of us walking in the summer night together again :) You know that feeling you get when you're out on summer nights (especially with people you like)? I love that feeling. On our way there we met with Z's husband too. So the four of us went out dancing and talking. It was nice :)

My hair was ruined though because it was rainy :( I had the most awesome curls when we left but once we got there it looked horrible xD Also the girls are too boring to want to take photos! What's up with that?? I need to get myself new girl friends to camwhore with! LOL

Also, I feel so sorry about what happened in Norway, the bombing and the shooting... It's crazy something like that happened in Scandinavia :(

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Sofia said...

Ha en fin kväll! :)