Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Start of a new day

Good morning! Well okay, it's noon, but I woke up around 11. I need to change those habits since the dog is coming tomorrow and he'll probably wake me up early. He's so cute though! Puts his paws on your bed and looks at you, sometimes even almost jumps up in bed to "hug" you xD I don't want dogs in my bed, but awww... irresistable!

Anyway, here's my breakfast:
Bread with cheese, cucumber and paprika (as you should know about vegetables; the more color the healthier) + a glass of cold milk (with 1,5% fat, I don't drink low fat milk)!

For me breakfast is something I never, and would never, skip. It's what gives you energy for the day, plus it's delicious :3 I love eating healthy, makes me feel good, haha.

All of you who are on Forever Gyaru are probably familiar to this website, which was linked in a forum about losing weight. I know sometimes you want to lose weight fast, but come on.. eating 100-200 calories a day is like starving yourself - and that's never the solution! If you want to lose weight it takes time, and self-dicipline, to eat healthy and normal portions and to exercise (okay, I'm not an expert, I have never tried to lose weight, but I still know these things). Never try weird diets like that, it's dangerous, and it's like abusing your body.

Ok, gotta get ready for the mall now! Will blog later :)

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Dudu said...

That`s all true - I`ve lost almost 60 kilos in my whole life and used different techniques many many times... Starving - the weight loss isn`t that fast everyone thinks, and you suffer a lot, low calories - ok, but the weight always comes back afterwards, and healthy eating with 1500 calories - best and fastest way to lose weight. It also makes you feel good =))