Friday, July 22, 2011

Shopping with Z

Tirin Today:

I went shopping today with Z! Haven't seen her in months! It was nice :) Didn't feel like doing anything with my hair because this morning I woke up to a thunderstorm, and when I was gonna walk the dog, I realized that my sister had taken my raincoat... Thanks! xD Anyway, Z and I bought presents for Lina, whom we're gonna celebrate tonight. Here are all her presents, hope she'll like them! ^^

Also, at the accessories store Glitter, there were "secret bags" for 49 SEK, containing necklaces, earrings, and other accessories for around 500 SEK/bag. I bought one, and got this:

I calculated that everything I got is worth (before they were on sale) around 1500 SEK, which is awesome... :) I like everything except the pearl necklace and the tiny blue earrings, haha. Here are all the earrings (well ok the first pair aren't that pretty either):

I already decided what to wear tonight when we're going clubbing, and the girls are coming over at 20:00. Need to clean!! lol. I also need to walk the dog before then. Oh well... :) Have a great evening!


ベーサ said...

You look sooo beautiful and cute on that picture!! You really don't need lenses, I like your natural eye color! I also like the two last pairs of earrings! ^_^

Nenacho☆ said...

You totally look like a doll *o* I love those earrings!! They look so cute!!

Tirin said...

ベーサ: Thank you! <3 but some people think you can't be gyaru without lenses :/

Nenacho☆: aww thanks ! ^^

N. said...

You're beautiful. The only way I could love you more is if you had tattoos!