Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nail art: toenails

Hey guys! I decided to make my nails today, toenails! They were already pink so I just added some bling to them! Will look awesome with some high heels :) My feet look a bit like tiger skin because I've been wearing gladiator sandals, haha.

Okay you can't see all my nails from this angle, but you get the idea:

Hahaha while I was taking pictures of my nails (feels really weird photographing your feet...) one of the pictures turned out like this:

Why is my nail black?? Lol guess my camera was a bit damaged from the fall from the balcony after all. Looks freaky xD

Tomorrow I'm going shopping - yaaay! ~♫ Oh and I still have to show you photos from Italy! I will...

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나니 said...

WOAH your legs are SO tan! *_* I'm envious of that.. lol. My legs take FOREVER to just reach that egg-shell tone. LOL. I'm such a white girl. *sigh*

Thanks for your comment! AHH I'm so glad some people still read my blog spite the hiatus. Apparently my updates didn't even show up on people's dashboards! D: ughhh!
Anyway! BRING ON THOSE ITALY PHOTOS! -demands- (Ò__ó)/