Saturday, July 9, 2011

Makeup post: new falsies

Hey guys! Such a beautiful day, I decided to do some camwhoring outdoors with my new false lashes! They look absolutely gorgeous and I'm totally in love! ♥ But I do find those Korean lashes difficult to put on because they aren't soft enough. Anyway, here's today's makeup:

And here's a picture of the falsies I bought. I'm wearing the two in the bottom of the pic. Love the left pair, they really make your eyes "pop" and really draws all the attention to the eyes. Awesome :) 

För alla er svenskar som är intresserade, så köpte jag lösögonfransarna på Elphame. De har ett stort utbud på asiatiska märken och man kan köpa dem väldigt billigt! :)

Oh and when I sat on the balcony, I put my camera on the rail for a few seconds to move my chair, but it was windy so it fell down!! My first reaction was "F*****************CK!" as I ran out to see how broken it was, but miraculously it survived! It actually landed on an awning and fell down in the grass - and wasn't damaged at all! LUCKY!! xD


나니 said...

You look absolutely STUNNING! : D Love the lashes! Love the gloss you're wearing as well..

Tirin said...

thank you<3 the lipgloss is actually from H&M, cheap stuff xD

Benjamin said...

You're very cute :) From France ;)

Dudu said...

I agree those lashes are STUNNING! Wow! Haha glad that your camera survived and suffered no injury, that`s so lucky I think! ... With my luck the result would have been quite different, though... ;D

Alexis said...

I LOVE your falsies!