Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I think it's pretty entertaining seeing people's answers to the question: "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it really make a sound?". Most people answer "yes, it's logic because everything makes a sound" blablabla.. Seriously, people? Sounds are "created" in our ears (oh shit, I suck at explaining this in English, oh well..), so technically it wouldn't make a sound since there are just soundwaves where the tree falls and they are all quiet unless someone's there to hear it and create the sound of the noise!! Yay, I love it when I'm smarter than others :3 LOL


Anonymous said...

And soundwaves still exist even if no one isn't there to hear them, so it makes a sound. If we say that "it doesn't make a sound, because there are just sound waves" We also say that nothing makes sound, because they are only sound waves, only our ears makes the sound.

Valentin12 said...

Babe, seeing as there is a HUGE chance of animals being there, that would mean that the soundwaves are transformed into sounds, in the ears of those animals, hence meaning that the tree actually does make a sound :) Oops? ;D

I would also like to point out that the actual DEFINITION of sound is "Vibrations transmitted through an elastic solic or a liquid or gas, with frequencies in the approximate range og 20 to 20,000 hertz, capable of being detected by human organs of hearing". So with that being the definition of sound, it actually states that the "sound" doesn't just occur when WE hear it, it's there as long as the vibrations are there, which they would be when the tree falls :) So techinally and purely scientifically, the tree DOES make a sound when if falls in the woods EVEN if there is no one there to hear it... I love being smart :) And if you don't believe me, look it up :)

Puss min älskling! <3<3 ;D

Tirin said...

noo you're both wrong because it's not technically a sound if no one hears it! soundwaves don't make a sound unless someone hears it so yeah, it's not really a SOUND. and animals don't count because it said no one's there to hear it.

i wasn't asleep during physics class :P

Valentin12 said...

Skaaaaatt du har fel! SOUNDS ARE SOUNDWAVES! Read the definition in a dictionairy! Just because we don't hear them it doesn't mean that they aren't there -.- Well you may not have been asleep, but obviously your teacher was full of bullshit xD

It's the same as saying "If a tree falls in the forrest and no one sees it, does that mean it didn't fall?" and you then saying "It didn't fall, because that is just something that happens as soon as our eyes percieve it" which would be wrong, it's the same principle here but with soundwaves... If you asked a scientist about this, he would agree with me... So go google the definition of SOUND and you'll see that I'm right :) Sorry darling :p

Tirin said...

neeee för det är inte ett LJUD om ingen hör det! såklart att ljud BESTÅR av ljudvågor, men ljudvågor i sig låter inte och är därför inget ljud! >_>

Valentin12 said...

Skatt, "Sound" var beskrivelsen, inte "noise" :) Och - bara för att vi inte är der är den der forfärende, bara inte som VI höra den, men den är der ju... Inte värd att diskutera för om du slår upp definitionen av "sound" eller frågar en professional scientist, då vill du se att jag har rett :) Men vill inte diskutera det med dig, för vi blir aldrig enige undtagen om du gir mig rett, för jag kommer inte att give dig rett xD

Men ska dusche och sen kommer min kompis, så vi hörs på kvällen min skatt!! Pusspuss <3<3 :)

Tirin said...

ja men sound = ljud! och det är något som låter.. och om ingen är där för att uppfatta ljudvågorna så låter de ju inte! >_> och nej jag ger dig ju aldrig rätt, så vi ska inte diskutera småsaker :D hahaha

나니 said...

Regardless of what people say, I believe that sounds are created from the air. The falling tree will still make the sound, because of gravitation pulling it towards the ground, forcing the air with it into the collision... The tree hits the ground fast, the boom is loud. If someone carefully put the tree on the ground, there wouldn't be that loud a boom.. so I think the forces of gravitation and air pressure have a lot of say in this. Either way... just because humans can't hear it - doesn't mean it's not there.
However, of course... if no one is there to hear the sound, one would automatically assume that the sound isn't there. It's kinda like "Pic or it didn't happen".

Tirin said...

haha "pic or it didn't happen" xD well the soundwaves that are created when the tree falls are quiet unless someone's there to interpret the sound, so technically there's not really a SOUND, but soundwaves.. i don't know about this in english, but in swedish i'm totally right! LOL