Thursday, July 14, 2011

Italy trip: Pisa

Heyaaa my lovely readers! ~☆ I was gonna blog about Montecatini Alto (which is an absolutely gorgeous place in Tuscany), but I decided to blog about my trip to Pisa instead. Honestly, my first impression was "why are there so many African men selling fake Louis Vuitton bags?!"... but the city is pretty nice! Here are some pics:

Outfit for the day cosisted of:
Dress/tunic: Rut mfl.
Bag: Fiorelli
Belt: Gina Tricot
Sun glasses: H&M

Pisa was OK, too many toursts though! Almost felt like I was in Asia because of the toursts, lol (while in Venice I was surrounded by Americans). The toursts were all doing that cliché pose with the tower! So I decided to take a much more awesome picture with it :)

Since the day after Pisa was our last day in Italy, I'll show you two pics from that evening, starting with me camwhoring in the mirror:
Outfit for the evening:
Hoping no one will notice how weird one of my legs look! lol
Dress: H&M
Flats: DinSko
Ring: Gina Tricot
Bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Hair pins: Åhlens

The hotel gave us champagne by the pool that evening :) They even gave a glass to my brother who hasn't turned 18 yet! OMG illegal! xD

I will start choosing the pics from Montecatini Alto to blog about now. Will publish the post this evening or tomorrow! Hope you're looking forward to it ;D Promise I took some beautiful pics! ♥


Caro said...

haha maybe it isn't illegal there? in germany it's allowed to drink beer/champagne and stuff if you're 16 :D just 'harder things' are forbidden until you are 18

Tirin said...

Perhaps xD or they just didn't know how old he is, haha