Friday, July 15, 2011

Italy trip: Montecatini Alto

Here are finally (some of)  the photos I took in Montecatini Alto! I loved that place, really beautiful, although I saw a huuuuge bug there! o_O Surprisingly enough I wasn't scared of it! OMG! Anyhow, in the first photo you can see the amazing view of Montecatini Terme!

Camwhoring with no makeup on* and failing to get the nice view in the background!
*Y'all know I wouldn't go anywhere without my wonderful products from Lily Lolo.

Everything was so pink in this village - LOVE MUCH! ♥

I don't know why I felt like posing like this there, lol! I was just really happy this day, which is what happens when I'm in cute places like this!
Let's make an outfit post while we're at it:
Top: Grandmother's old
Shorts: Lee (cut them into shorts)
Sandals: Skopunkten
Purse: Mom's old
Sun glasses: From London(?), present from Lina

We got to what I think was the centre of this place. It looked so medieval and charming :) Took some ego pics with my brother, as always. Love the expression on his face xD

And that's everything from Montecatini Alto! It's amazing how many photos from Italy I still have to upload! Haven't written about Montecatini Terme yet, which is where we stayed. Oh well, maybe tomorrow... :) Although tomorrow my cousin and his parents are coming over, so we'll see! but of course Italy won't be the only thing I'll blog about.


Martina D. said...

WOW!What a nice entry! I love the pics, you give them a personal touch :) The one with your brother is super nice, your cheerful face matches with his expression, lovely!
Again, must say you've got taste girl, love your knitted top and the cropped jeans, great match!
And you look great without makeup,too! But I'm 100% with you, I would never go around without any makeup on my face either...But you look good anyway and that's a fact!
Keep blogging! Believe me there are not many blogs like yours out there!

Tirin said...

Thank you so much! Makes me very happy to hear! ~♥