Friday, July 8, 2011

I want to go to the dentist!

Let's start the day with a picture I took of the mountains of Austria :)
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So I woke up early today, it wasn't dark enough in my room for me to sleep... x_x I tried anyway, but started thinking about things so I ended up not even wanting to sleep! Got about 6 hours... oh well, good enough! First thing I did was to contact my dental clinic to fix my teeth :) I told you before about my "problem" (read about it here) and around the time I had my braces removed, my dentist was talking about making the whole situation going on in my mouth look even better, so now I decided that I want to do it!

Only problem is that dental care is only free here in Sweden up until you turn 20, which I do on August 30th, so I need to get it fixed before then! I really hope they have time for me now in July or early August! ... Waaaait a minute... I just looked it up and we have free dental care up until you turn 21! Omg that's awesome news! xD Why didn't I know that?? Oh well, still waiting for a reply...

Apparantly the up to 21-rule is just for people living in a specific area of Sweden...? Wtf, I should go there just to get free dental care!! Why am I supposed to pay for this just because they were so damn slow with giving me braces to begin with? Now I'm pissed, they totally ruined my day (and I'm angry I didn't get it fixed last year)! Dental care is damn expensive... I have to become rich and then get it fixed! Pfftt well maybe I will!!
Let's end this post with a picture form Montecatini, Italy:

Can you imagine I look this short next to my brother even though I'm wearing 11(?)cm high heels?? Great... Now I'm gonna go get some breakfast! I really missed my healthy breakfast. In Italy I ate croissants and other sweet stuff - no good! I missed drinking milk :( hahaha yeah yeah. I'll blog later! Have a nice day!  ♥ and please stop unfollowing my blog! x_x

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