Thursday, July 7, 2011


Here's an ego pic to celebrate! xD lol

So I must say it's very tiring to road trip across Europe xD but it was totally worth it! Loved that I got to see Austria (funny how their english was worthless compared to the Italians') and all the cities we went to in Tuscany. I'll post more pictures from the trip later, but right now I'm exhausted!

I'm surprised it's so warm in Sweden! It was supposed to be cloudy and rainy, but right now I'm in my room, unable to sleep because of the heat! Hmm okay let's end with something positive... I got my new falsies today, which I'll show you tomorrow :) and next week I'll hear from the universities about what I will study this fall! I'm very excited about moving away from Västerås, no matter where I will move to!

Förresten, min mobil funkar inte just nu, så det är ingen idé att smsa... jag kan ändå inte se smsen! Mitt nummer har upphört! Måste skaffa kontantkort och hela köret så fort som möjligt. Så länge får ni nå mig på msn/e-mail/hemtelefon/hembesök! ;D

I will try to get some sleep now, despite the heat (yes, it's really that bad). Goodnight my wonderful friends and strangers ~☆

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