Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don't you worry, Friday's not that far away

Title is from The Perishers - Weekeds
My favorite band and Swedish musical pride, haha

Today when I was on the mic with my boyfriend (he wanted to be mentioned, so there you go, Mads!), Z called me! Haven't heard from her in ages... She wanted to plan Lina's bday which is this week, so we'll probably go clubbing on Friday :) Need to get her a present... Oh and the dog I'll babysit will be here on Wednesday, which will be awesome! Seems like this week will be a good one, despite all the rain!

I went for the high waist shorts + lots of accessories look today! And I found this super cute old lace top in the basement yesterday, which I'll wear tomorrow when I'm going to the mall to get my cellphone back (I've been without it since I got home from Italy - can you imagine?)!

Btw, isn't my purse awesome? It has a built-in mirror! I love it! Best idea ever (when it comes to purses, at least).

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