Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dinner + outfit

I read that people like to read what bloggers eat, because they want to know all the small detail's in that person's life, haha.. so since today I tried something new (I don't take the credit for it though, my dad is the one who cooks in my family), here's today's dinner:

Tortilla with meat, fried paprika, (cold) tomatosauce and melted cheese :)
Fine, it's much better than I made it look! xD

Okay, I can't make a whole post about food, so just for the randomness of it, here's a picture of my outfit one day in Montecatini, Italy!

Sunglasses: H&M
Top: H&M
Skirt: ASOS
Belt: Dunno...
Shoes: Nelly
I was also wearing my Chanel earrings :)

I swear, I was much taller than 90% of all the people there when wearing those shoes. But it's totally worth it, I love high heels :)


Anonymous said...

Omg, you're so pretty! x.x

나니 said...

Your legs are freaking PERFECTION! *_*
My dad is a great cook as well : D He and I basically cook together all the time. He taught me so many things!

Tirin said...

Thank you<3

and yeah it's awesome having a dad who cooks :D