Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blogging from Germany: Venice

Hello people! :) I'm in Germany now, but I will show you a few pictures from Venice, as I promised yesterday! I took a lot more photos of the city, but I'm too lazy to upload them because I need to retouch them, and I don't have time right now. Here are some pics anyway:

We took the boat over to Venice from this place:
I'll fix the colors later to improve the pic, don't worry ;D

And here are some pictures from the city:

And please don't complain about me being too pale for having been to Italy... I haven't been tanning at all xD Mostly because I hate it, but also because we've been too busy sightseeing, etc.! Anyway, gonna stop blogging now. I might have internet tomorrow... but if not, I'll be home the day after tomorrow and will blog then! Will have gotten my new falsies at that time - yaay! :)

Hope you're all having a great summer so far!


KatoKathy said...

Ahhhhh I miss Venice so much! *haven't been there in 4 years* T_T It's such a beautiful little place...

MitikaFe said...

OMG you are in venice , i'm italian :)