Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog title by David: Citronsaft

Today I met with David for the first time since I got back from Italy! n_n' We went to my old schoolyard and talked and stuff. Then, of course, I wanted to take photos, and here are the results:

When I see this photo, I can't help but to think about how short I look! Seriously, I look tiny (I'm blaming it on the fact that I'm wearing flats, which I never do when I meet David since he complains about my height a lot [even though i'm 169cm/5'6,5"], lol)!! Almost like it's understandable that my boyfriend always calls me "liten" (meaning "small"). And no, Mads, this doesn't justify you calling me that! xD

I asked David to strike a pose, and this is what happened: 
David dear, what are you doing?

♥ I'll try to start writing a post about more from Italy. Have to write about for instance Pisa! aaand about Montecatini Alto! Such a beautiful place :)

♥ Today's randomness: Did you know the sun is up until around 23:00 here in summer? and of course there's midnight sun in the north!


Chaudie said...

David's so goofy. And you're header looks great! What theme are you going for your blog layout now?

Chocolate and the Purrfect Team said...

Haha :) Nice post! Funny how we girls complain about our height when compared to very tall people like your friend...Although you're not short at all, here where I live ( Sardinia)we all seem little people from Gulliver's
:D your friends attempt to strike a pose was pretty good for a start wasn't it?
I love your necklace! Where did you get it from?

I can't wait to read your new entries if you're going to write about Montecatini :)


Tirin said...

Chaudie: Haha yup he is! xD thank you! well i'm not sure, lol. i wanted it more "glamorous" and more me, and since i love leopard pattern and pink, that's what i created :)

Ina: Yeah that's true, i'm above average height so i shouldn't complain xD Oh i've been to Sardinia! didn't think about people's height there though, lol.

haha not very manly, but i suppose his pose will have to do... :P and thanks, i got it from my grandmother ^^