Friday, July 29, 2011

Accessories & Swedish candy

Hej hej! Changed plans - we're going to the cinema tomorrow, and not today... But today I watched Number 23 (which was pretty good, finally a movie where Jim Carrey isn't annoying), and Casanova (great movie)! :)

Here's today's ego pic

A bit of today's outfit with focus on my accessories. Look at all the veins... my hands look evil... because of the heat! mwahahah

I went for a walk to a supermarket pretty far from where I live, because my sister wanted ice cream, lol. I bought some chocolate to eat while watching movies tonight. I bought Marabou Polka - of course! It's a favorite (together with white chocolate with strawberry pieces in it, like the one from Anthon Berg... most people think white chocolate is too sweet, but I love it!). ♥

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