Thursday, June 16, 2011

Swedish stereotypes: Swedish girls

I read somewhere that someone thought that Swedish women are manly, like butch and stuff, which made me laugh because Swedish women are very fashionable and feminine. I also read that someone thought we were false bitches who backstab each other. Doesn't that apply for pretty much all girls? lol Actually they talked about beautiful Swedish women, and said that the famous blogger Kissie (go look her up if you want, although it's not worth it) was an ugly Swedish girl, which must mean that Swedish girls aren't beautiful... That got a lot of Swedes writing mean comments about her + saying that she's Polish so she doesn't count, etc. Then they were called backstabbing bitches, and blablabla...

Actually, Swedish girls are very proud to be Swedish and that we do have a reputation of being pretty, blonde, and tall. When someone says stuff like that we do get offended, and therefore might seem like bitches. Makes sense? I guess not.

Even though most Swedish girls look good, they hate the prettiest ones (or the ones who "think they're pretty"). It's an unwritten social law that you can't stand out, especially not in a good way. If you have an alternative style, like goth or something, it's OK, but as soon as you stand out in a girly way (or however I should put it) girls will stare you down. I get a lot of glares myself with my "Barbie-like" looks, but I think people accept it because of my cute personality (meaning I'm not a bitch, but happy and polite - unless you mess with me GRRRR).

Now I don't mean to make it sound like we are backstabbing bitches, because I do like Swedes, despite all the bad habits and gossip about people who are "different". Swedsh girls are polite and kind in general - you just have to break through that prejudiced shell. Also they're not cold towards strangers, like many foreigners seem to think, we just happen to think people are socially retarded if they talk to random strangers on the streets (no idea why). I wish we were more open, but oh well...

So remember: we're not necessarily bitchy, we're just a bit patriotic - and sometimes it's the same thing.

Not sure what I want to have said with this... It was just on my mind and I felt like sharing it with you guys, lol.


Nick said...

You're lucky your Swedish, those stereotypes are nothing compared to what people assume about me as an American.

Tilt Recovery said...

uhm... your blog is really good. what do you think is important in terms of uhm... getting more viewers?


Steffi said...

I LOVE swedish girls!!!!!