Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shopping + movie night :)

Heyaaaa! I went shopping today! I also had to get my Danish money. I think the Swedish krona (our money) is one of the "best looking" money in the world, haha. It looks so artistic and nice, not just like regular money. Anyway, it was soooo freakin' warm today! I felt like I was wearing too much, hahaha. Aaaand here's what I had on (the skirt is from the dress I made a top and a skirt from):

It would look better with a hat, right?
Need a new one... >_<

 And here's a close up on my fishtail braid, and makeup:
Am I the only one annoyed about my necklace in this pic?

And are you excited about what I bought??









Lol, that's not even exciting. I bought a pair of sandals with no heels - omg!  because I needed a pair. I only have one other pair of flat sandals and I bought them 2-3 years ago? So yeah, they were needed :)

Soon I'm going over to Lina's place for a movie night! HELL YEAH! I'm spending the night there and will be back home tomorrow morning. Might take photos, but Lina doesn't want to be on my blog, haha. :( Anyway, we'll watch The social network and Due date! Will be fun!


Liya said...

You look georgous! Love the fishtail braids. ♥

Tirin said...

aww thank you! ^^

Valentin12 said...

Tilde! Det är ju gladiator sandaler!!! :o NOOO! xD Och, The Social Network är lite tråkig... Den är ok, men der sker mindre i den end jag forventede :p Anyways! Hav det bra! Vi hörs imorgen liten! <3 =D

Rui said...

love your outfit! are you going to denmark ? when and how long are you staying? I wanna go there too for some days but in september

Tirin said...

men du sa ju att det såg ok ut om de inte gick upp högt xD plus att de är superfina på mig<3 haha

Rui: Thanks! :) i'm leaving on tuesday and staying there until monday 13th.

Mint said...

gurl you so cuteee ; 3 ;

Vickie said...

ohh I love your fishtail braid! Can you do a video on how to do them I see them all of the time and they are so cute but I cant get the hang of doing it!

Diraz said...

no your necklace looks nice :D