Friday, June 24, 2011

Road trip: Day 1-3

Day one: BåtN^

Here it is, båtN^ (that's what Eric and I call the ship, lol)

We drove to Gothenburg where we were supposed to get on this ship to get to Germany! We spent the night there and arrived in Germany the next morning. While driving to Gothenburg, I did some camwhoring in the car with my brother (yes, we're making stupid faces):

Here's a "normal" picture of me, just because:

And another weird pic, taken on the ship:

Day two: Germany

This was our hotel in Germany. We stayed in a very small catholic village with Jesus statues everywhere! So everytime Eric and I saw one of those, I went "*fist* Jesus, man!" (that's from a funny youtube clip [some old movie/TV show] and he just said "Jesus!" (no offense, all of you religious people). :)

Eric on the balcony

Day three: Austria

We saw these funny parking spaces with a female symbol, like they use in public restrooms, next to the handicap ones! What's the idea behind this? Why do women need special parking spaces? lol The other picture is from the Austrian village we're staying in at the moment.

And here's a picture of Eric and me, same place as the female parking space - oh yeah.

And that's about all the updates I have for now! Of course I didn't post all pictures I've taken... most of them were of nature and stuff, not so much fun to see...? Might post them when I get back home in July though :) And then I will, of course, post the rest of the photos I will take during this trip! Since I won't have Internet anymore, I wish you all an awesome summer - and glad midsommar (happy midsummer)!


Leander said...

Same reason with the woman-park spaces in a car park.
They're usually at the first our ground floor, because they can get easier and faster to their car.
Rapists. Men who harass women in the late evening or at night. It's for their safety.
That's all.
There are sometimes extra parking spaces for women with children or toddler (baby buggy, etc.) which are usually a bit wider than normal.

Tirin said...

That's what we thought, but it's still weird xD I can understand the parking spaces for people with children, but the "female parking space" is just strange (because I don't think a few meters would save you from rapists).

Leander said...

Well, it does^^ A lot of women reported, that they were able to escape from men who followed them because their car was pretty near the car park entrance.
Or in general, so men don't even see a slight chance to followe them, they will be sooner in their can, than they could start walking after them.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm from Austria and I've never ever seen such a parking lot here. That's just weird!!!
In wich city did you find that sign?

yuri said...

oh, how awsum, im from austria, where did u visit?
too bad im im in japan, would have loved to see u :D ~~