Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Packing for Italy :)

Black and white ego pic from yesterday:

Taking a break from packing now.. I need to get some new music for my trip! Road trips are no fun without music! I should probably bring a book or something, but I can't read in the car, makes me sick (not a lot, but enough to not want to read). :( Checking things off my list now, before I get some lunch. Aaaalmost finished packing...:

Everything won't fit because I'm bringing so many pairs of shoes xD but I'll put some stuff in my parents bag and TADAAAH problem solved! Although I haven't packed my makeup/jewelry bags, hope they will fit... Am I the only one always having trouble fitting everything into my bag? lol Damn you pretty clothes, damn you!

My stupid falsies haven't arrived yet. The website where I ordered them are usually fast with sending the stuff but I don't know why they're so lazy now! Hate them :(

I'm going to make another post this evening before I go to bed! but now I need to eat and finish forcing all my stuff in my bag. Have a nice day, everyone! :)

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Rii said...

Hey gurl!

I really love your blog and your style!

Therefore I nominated you for this blog award - http://utsukushiigal.blogspot.com/2011/06/blog-awards.html

And I wish you lots of fun in Italy!